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Felix Plawski Photography


Photographer Felix Plawski works with numerous museums, galleries, artists, and collectors to photograph paintings, prints, textiles, sculptures, silverware, jewelry, and other such artifacts. He is specializing in large textiles. Recently he work for:  

      MacTaggart Art Collection. All collection is based on 1300 East Asian textiles and many 15th/16th centuries hand scrolls. Some of them are 20 meters long.  

      University of Alberta Museum's print collection ( 3500 prints/oils/drawings).

      University of Alberta Law Department digitalization project: 8050 photographs on 89 composites were transferred from analog to digital formats renamed and retouched due to time and light discoloration.

Felix studied art photography in Poland. His first project was photographing nature monuments for the City Hall of Warsaw.

His first full-time job was as a photographer at Museum Podlaskie in Bialystok. 

Holding a Tablet

Why choose FPP - Felix Plawski Photography?

• Expertise and training of the digital service provider (FPP)

• Set cost per image, prices can be negotiated based on volume which    facilitates budget and project planning

• Costs of technological obsolescence are absorbed by

   the digital service provider (FPP)

• Variety of options and services:

  1. Focus Stacking

  2. Manual Stitching

  3. Using Mosaic Technique - 2D mosaic stitching

  4. Medium format quality, 102 MP (11648 X 8736) 

  5. 400 MP resolution without stitching

  6. Photography of glass framed art technique

  7. Large 3m X 4m textiles in one shoot.

  8. Color profile file delivery option - ICC Profile

  9. DNG or TIFF files plus if you need JPG   

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