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We offer a comprehensive digital cultural heritage preservation service using state-of-the-art 400-megapixel cameras with top-of-the-line optics and specialized lighting. Our process results in massive digital files of artwork, up to 58"x78" at 300ppi, that provides stunning detail and clarity beyond what can be seen with the naked eye. In addition to our standard photography services, we also offer mosaicking and tiling photography. This involves stitching together up to 200 photographs at 102 MP resolution, providing researchers and museum staff or university stakeholders with super-quality mega-resolution images. We also use focus stacking techniques to photograph 3D objects, ensuring sharpness in every part of the artifact. This provides researchers with even more detail and clarity.

We can set up two stations if necessary to streamline the process and make the photography more efficient. Our services are surprisingly affordable, and we are flexible with tight budgets, able to complete projects in parts over several years if needed.

We follow strict FADGI 4-star and METAMORFOZE guidelines for digitizing cultural heritage materials and can work on-location or in a studio. We prefer to work in cooperation with museum staff to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the collection and can accommodate projects that take several months, with breaks for the museum staff to prepare each part of the collection for photography. Our team is trained in safe handling of artifacts, but we prefer that handling be done by designated museum staff.

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